We recognize the importance of being surrounded with knowledgeable industry professionals that share the same vision and passion as we do. As a result, we have formed partnerships that compliment our level of commitment to our athletes and the multisport community.

VASTA Performance Training and Physical Therapy is the Vermont’s premier facility for rehabilitation, injury prevention, performance enhancement and training.


Offering comprehensive fitness solutions for the recreational and elite athlete, expert physical therapy services, specialized nutrition coaching and massage therapy. VASTA’s team of experts work collaboratively to offer a truly unique experience.

Through the combined talents of the VASTA team of Performance Coaches and Therapists you’ll reach levels of health and human performance you didn’t know existed or thought only existed for elite athletes and celebrities.


Results are tied to the (t)raining, (e)ducation, (a)ccountability and (m)otivation the Performance Coaches and Therapists deliver during each session. The VASTA expert team of Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Physical Therapists, Registered Dietitians, Massage Therapists and mindset coaches will deliver the results you desire.

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