atriot Multisport offers many levels of nutrition coaching and guidance to help you reach your athletic goals. You can find the support you require, from consultation with your coach, or our regular Question-&-Answer feature in the monthly newsletter or blog, to dietary analysis and prescription with our nutritionist. Our nutrition expert often work with clients who often have complex diet restrictions, be it from gluten intolerance, auto-immune diseases such as celiac disease, religious or ethical reasons, or food allergies.


When it comes to recommending adequate amounts of nutrients for training and recovery, working with the athlete’s goals and food preferences is an art form. Whether you are eating kosher, gluten free, vegan, dairy free or all of the above, our certified dietitian can come up with a plan that suits your training demands. All packages include personalized nutrition recommendations and education regarding your specific sport, tailored to your needs as a unique athlete.

10% discount to all Active and Non-Active Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and EMS. We are proud to give back to those who sacrifice so much to protect and serve.
  • $300
    • Biomechanical Analysis
    • Cycling-specific flexibility and functional strength assessment
    • Dynamic 3D data capture of full body movements
    • Real-time recording of power output and physiological responses
    • Comprehensive digital reports of 3D and 2D body parameters, 3D bicycle fit coordinates and bike frame geometry
    • An additional bike is $200 when bikes are fit at the same appointment
  • $350
    • Includes “Current Bike Fit” protocol, also:
    • Accurate and objective recommendation of optimal frame geometry and parts
    • Bike compatibility analysis and report for applicable bike manufacturers using the FrameFinder database
    • Follow-up appointment for final bike setup within 90 days of initial fit
    • An additional bike is $200 when bikes are fit at the same appointment
    • Fit price deducted from the purchase price of any new bike over $1,500
  • $500
    • This package is designed to allow beginner cyclists a more economical solution to enter the with maximum comfort and minimal risk of injury
    • Initial fit using the new bike or current bike fit protocols
    • Two follow-up appointments to be used within 12 months of initial fit
    • Savings of more than $100 when compared to the price of an initial fit and two follow up appointments
    • Fit price deducted from the purchase price of any new bike over $1,500
  • $150
    • A follow-up appointment is available for clients who have already been through a Retül analysis, and are in need of adjustment.
    • A follow-up appointment is appropriate for a bike that has been fit by Retül within one year prior to the follow-up appointment date.
    • A follow-up appointment is appropriate for part changes and recommendations.
    • Note that each fit is guaranteed. If you are experiencing problems with your fit, appointments made within two weeks of original fit appointment will be free of charge.
  • $150
    • If riding position has already been optimized, a consultation is available to help select a properly fitting new bike before a purchase is made, to avoid purchasing the wrong bike
    • A digital map of the bike will be created using the Retül Zin Tool and uploaded into the FrameFinder database
    • Receive a full digital report of your bikes setup allowing for accurate assembly at your bike shop or reassembly when travelling
    • No consultation fee applies when a bike is purchased from Patriot Multisport
  • $200
    • Biomechanical analysis of your feet and legs using motion capture software
    • Pedal and cleat alignment ensures the pedal is aligned with the appropriate portion of the foot
    • Custom molded and trimmed Retül Fütbeds fit precisely inside any cycling shoe to place the foot, knee and hip on the same plane through out the pedal stroke
    • This service takes approximately 2 hours (rider only needs to be present for 20 minutes)
    • 10% Discount when purchased with a bike fit

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