We are proud to have one of the first Retül Fütbed system...Worldwide!!!

Retül Fütbeds were created in partnership with Masterfit, a premier designer and manufacturer of insoles for the sports industry. Using patented Masterfit technology and materials, each set of Fütbeds is molded on-site for each rider. Custom cycling footbeds help align your body, while evenly distributing pressure and supporting your foot. Notable power increases are common, along with increased comfort, endurance and reduced joint wear.


Foot & Leg alignment – The Foundation of a good bike fit

A strong and durable bike fit, like a good building, should be built from the foundation up. Aligning the foot and making it a stable structure on the pedal is the cycling equivalent of pouring a good foundation. It is a very important first step towards achieving an efficient, powerful and durable cycling position. You have probably noticed (on yourself or others) that many rider’s knees either track towards the outside or inside at the top of the pedal stroke in a quick snap-like motion – they do not stay in-line. This motion is often caused by a lack of alignment of the lower leg and foot. It compromises power, strength, endurance and even aerodynamics. Custom insoles can accommodate for your individual alignment and bring your knee and leg into an aligned, safe, strong and more aerodynamic position.

How to get the best support

The foot consists of three separate, but related, zones: the heel, the arch and the forefoot. The ball of the foot acts as a hinge, connecting the arch and heel with the forefoot. This hinge is great for helping us flex and push off during walking and running, but it also allows the foot to twist, which can throw off alignment and strength, while cycling. The goal is to stabilize and align all three elements with the skeletal system.  A properly made custom cycling footbed does just this.


Pedal/Cleat Alignment Service

Included in our fittings, but also available as a separate service, A Pedal/Cleat Alignment includes a biomechanical analysis of your feet and legs using computerized motion capture analysis of your leg alignment. Your feet and legs will be aligned properly to guarantee that your joints and muscles are powerful and safe while pedaling.


Cant Wedges

Cant Wedges fit between the cleat and the shoe and can also help improve alignment and tracking. However, unlike the comprehensive nature of a footbed, cant wedges address forefoot alignment only. We sometimes use cant wedges on their own, but often we use them in conjunction with custom footbeds so that the whole foot is supported, not just the forefoot.

Get more power and comfort from your shoes now!

10% discount to all Active and Non-Active Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and EMS. We are proud to give back to those who sacrifice so much to protect and serve.
  • $150
    • Biomechanical analysis of your feet and legs using motion capture software
    • Pedal and cleat alignment ensures the pedal is aligned with the appropriate portion of the foot
    • Custom molded and trimmed Retül Fütbeds fit precisely inside any cycling shoe to place the foot, knee and hip on the same plane through out the pedal stroke
    • This service takes approximately 1 hour (rider only needs to be present for 20 minutes)
    • 10% Discount when purchased with a bike fit
  • $100
    • Biomechanical analysis of your feet using motion capture software
    • Custom molded and trimmed insoles fit precisely inside any shoe to place the foot, knee and hip on the same plane through out your stride while walking or running
    • Process takes approximately 1 hour
    • 10% Discount when purchased with a gait analysis
  • $50
    • Displays weight distribution along the foot, and provides comprehensive analysis of whether you would benefit from custom footbeds
    • Biomechanical analysis of your foot and ankle will determine range of motion and identify any issues that may be present
    • Shoe analysis will be conducted to observe wear patterns and see how your foot strikes the ground in your current footwear

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